Let us determine if a bridge loan is right for you. A bridge loan is short-term or interim financing for your business until permanent or another stage of financing can be obtained. Bridge loans are usually taken out for short terms, from 1 year to three years, depending on the securing of a more traditional commercial loan, which is usually used to pay back the bridge loan.

Due to the increased risk, bridge loans usually have higher interest rates. The bridge loan lender may also require cross commercialization, and a lower loan-to-value ratio, but they are typically arranged with relatively little documentation. 

We can provide loan amounts for purchases, refinancing, debt consolidation, property improvements, and working capital. These loans are generally for: 

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Loan sizes $ 500,000 to $20,000,000

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Loan Purpose: Purchase

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Terms 6 to 60 months

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Loan Purpose: Refinance

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Rates – 7% to 10%

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Loan Purpose: Cash Out

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Loan to values to 80%

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Credit: Most Credit Considered

Property Types

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Apartment Buildings

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RV/MH Parks

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Light Industrial

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Bars & Restaurants

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Auto Repair Shops

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Day Care Facilities

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Funeral Homes

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You'll be pleased to know that our responses and closing times are fairly quick. Approvals are given in two days from receipt of complete credit package, and we can execute closings in as little as two to three weeks.